Pre/Post School

The Pre-Post school service is organized by Monza municipality to help families of scuole primarie statali  that have both mother and father working.

The Pre school is from 7.30 to 8.30.

The Post school is one hour after the end of the lessons.

The activities for a minimum number of 15 and a maximum number of 25.

If during the course of the school year the number of members falls below 10 units per section, the service will be suspended with effect from the next quarter.
The activity takes place within the school, in appropriate spaces provided by the Institution of reference school. The management is entrusted to a third party responsible for providing the animators and play material - educational - recreational need.


The request can be presented, for the 2019/2020 school year, only online, from 1 to 31st march 2019.

To subscribe it is necessary for students to:

- live in Monza

- have both parents working

- are in good standing with the service payments for previous school years.


It is a quarterly prize:

- 82 euros only for pre or post school

- 123 euros for both pre and post school

The cost is fixed and there are no exceptions.

The planned closures in the school calendar and the forced closures of service shall be offset with the rate of the last quarter.

The rate of 3 deadlines are established, respectively, in the months of November , February and June


Starting from 1th January 2019 the payment system will change.

The bulletins “FRECCIA” will be replaced by a “chargeable" payment system.

 Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.

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Data creazione: 08 June 2015

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