Payment of school services

Since the 7th of January 2016 the system of payment of the school services has changed.

How does it works

A person code of identification (Code PAN) is given to every registered child in School Services. The PAN code contains the personal information (school, type of active service, value ISEE, tariff that has to be paid). The PAN code  an activation of school services account,  to check your payments and to carry out the payment of the tariffs. The personal PAN code, which remains valid the entire school year, is communicated by a letter sent to all the registered families.

When and how much recharge

The yearly fixed subscription (25 eur per residents; 50 eur per non residents) and for the cost of the daily consumed meals, based on the allocated tariff.

The quantity of following charges must be taken in account of the debit’s time indicated below :

- Catering: the informational system charges automatically the meal cost assigned to the user
- School Transport: the charge of the tariff assigned to the user will be carried out between the months November 2016, February 2017 and may 2017
- Pre and Post school : the charge of the user’s tariff will be carried out between November 2016, February 2017 and June 2017

The charges trough SEPA-SDD will be carried out within the 5th day of the following month for the Catering Services and Spring Section, within the end of the months indicated by the other services.

How to recharge

It's possible to recharge the Virtual Account in different ways :
1)SEPA-SDD(ex RID). For your direct debit bank account for the school year 2016/2017 must fill out a form downloaded from the website under "Academic Services - Forms Services School" and return it to the Office Academic Services. The charge will start from the month following the request. The SEPA - SDD have already been activated previously will be maintained. For the 2017/2018 school year it is necessary to communicate the request using the Parent Portal.

2)Bancomat of the national net of the banking group Intesa San Paolo authorised by PA-PAY services. The automatic help desks (ATM) permit you to recharge and to check out your own full payment, 24\24h.

The help desk will print the receipt, after the charge. On the receipt are given also the full payment and the last 10 movements. The Bancomat help desk are active all over Ital, in Monza they are located:
-Via Romagna, 16
- Via Ramazzotti, 22
- Via Ugo Foscolo, 3
- Via Felice Cavallotti, 5
- Piazza Trento E Trieste, 10
-Via Lecco, 1

3)CREDIT CARD- online charging. Connected with the APP “SPAZIO SCUOLA”, (1361059788 activation code), accessible by login and password after you have registered to the Portal Parents, you can view the Virtual Account's / son / s and you can decide to make a charge by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) entering the section "payments".

4)Acceptance PAY TIPPER. The recharge through cash or bancomat can be made at following location in Monza :
-QUI POSTE – Via Cavallotti 104
- LA NUOVA POSTA – Via D. Alighieri 1.

You must communicate all the informations written in the paper file in which is given the PAN code to your operator. We advice to bring the PAN code at the moment of payment.

The methods which are written above are replaceable, except for the payment through SEPA-SDD.
At the end of every effectuated operation, you must check the information which are contained on the receipt, that represents a document of proof of the effectuated charge.

Charges and commission 

Depending on the chosen system, the following costs will be charged on the Virtual Account:

Modality of recharge  Charged debit
1. SEPA - SDD Eventually applied commissions by own bank to the user for every SEPA-SDD issues
2. BANCOMAT PA-PAY Intesa Sanpaolo Euro 1,10
3. CREDIT CARD – ON LINE Euro 1,50

Condition of payment

On the parents portal and on the app “Spazio Scuola” you are able to :

-verify the personal data
-verify debits and the payments
-verify the Virtual Account directly and at any moment

Whenever entering the Parents Account for the first time or on the App Spazio Scuola (which you can download for free on  Play store and Apple store), it is necessary to register, by filling in the suggested fields to create you own user system (user name and password).

The authorized parent to the visualization of the information of their children is registered in the office Of School Services database.

Whenever is necessary to modify this reference, we ask you kindly to communicate the updates only in the following email address :

It's fundamental to promptly communicate to Office of School Service ( every change of the provided informations (address change, phone number, e-mail address..etc).

Not paying or paying in delay

A message SMS will automatically be sent when the system notes a complete credit lower than the quantity that corresponds with 5 meals.

If the charge is not carried out:

-A second message SMS notifying 'reached credit' will be sent.

-The 31th of July 2016 another message SMS will be sent with a notification of the debit amount of the month January 2016 till the end of the school year 2015/2016. This recharge must be carried out compulsory with a chosen modality within the 31th of August 2016. The recharges, which are carried out from the 1st of September 2016, will be used for fruition of the services of the school year 2016/2017.

-Subsequently the collection process will be activated by the credit recovery office in different ways of payment.

If the count is in credit

With the new system,the credit not used during the school year is stored and it is available for the following school year.

The credit will be reimbursed if it is at the end of the school year.

In case of surrender of the service the credit will be reimbursed.

it is possible recharge a credit if a brother/sister starts or continues the school services.

Loosing the PAN code

In case of loss of the recharge code,you must contact the following email address:


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