Scolastic canteen is a service organizated for students, teachers and municipal staff:

  • asilo nido comunali
  • scuole d'infanzia statali e comunali
  • scuole primarie statali
  • scuole secondarie di primo grado statali
  • centri diurni per disabili

Service is guaranted for students that attend afternoon school activities expected in Piano dell'offerta formativa, only when activities are ensured.

You have to submit an application for the service for students of Scuola dell'infanzia, of Scuola primaria and secondaria di 1° only online 


There are 8 weeks for the winter menu and four the summer one. There are special menus for different reasons:

-ethical and religious reasons
-vegetarian diet

It exists also different diets for allergies, food intolerances and pathologies. The request for these special diets is in "Modulistica"

An expert in Scienze dell alimentazione will do periodical checks to verify the collect correspondence of the service.
There will be also periodical checks by: SIAN-ASL, Monza e Brianza, NAS and Commissione mensa.


All the families that attend these schools, it has been acted a new tariff system of the communal scholastic services.

It has been introduced a single, annual instalment of 25 euros.

That is also a second payment tha will be calculated depending on ISEE.

For students that live outside Monza there is:

  • a single tariff of 5,46 euros ( that is the cost of the meal )
  • a single annual tariff of 50 euros that will be charged in September 2016

There are no facilitations, exemptions or reductions for students outside Monza and they will not have to present ISEE.

The City of Monza is available to enter into specific agreements on specific request of the former municipalities that intend to intervene on behalf of their citizens.

Cost single meal  if ISEE is 
€ 3,36 ≥ € 10.455,00 e ≤ € 12.000,00
€ 3,68 ≥ € 12.000,00 e ≤ € 15.000,00
€ 4,10 ≥ € 15.000,00 e ≤ € 25.000,00
€ 4,41 ≥ € 25.000,00 e ≤ € 30.000,00
€ 4,73 ≥ € 30.000,00 e ≤ € 35.000,00
€ 5,15 ≥ € 35.000,00 e ≤ € 40.000,00
€ 5,46 ≥ € 40.000,00
or if  ISEE isn't delivered


Since the 1th January 2019 the payment has been changed.

The bulletins “FRECCIA” have been replaced by a new system of charging payment.


ISEE declaration can be filled online on INPS web site. If the ISEE is not communicated it will be applied the full tax.

ISEE value has to be communicated using one of these:

  • online, inserting the value, the number of the protocol and the date
  • email (
  • via fax (039 39469.61)

If ISEE value is not communicated it will be applied the maximum tariff. 

Will not, in any case , made ​​retroactive updates with respect to the date of notification of the ISEE value.

In case of difficulties, the staff of the school services will provide all necessary assistance .

» new rules of ISEE



If the family has more than one son subscribed:

-there will be 15% for the second son
-there will be 30% for the third son
-there will be 50% for the next sons



The request for exemption or reduction has to be presented personally with ISEE declaration ( not fax or e-mail )

  • online inserendo valore, numero di protocollo, data di rilascio della dichiarazione;
  • email (
  • fax (039 39469.61)

≤  € 4.000,00

to € 1,03 ≤€ 3,27

≥ € 4.000,00 ≤  € 10.455,00


Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.  


Ultimo aggiornamento: 08 October 2020
Data creazione: 03 June 2015

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