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The kindergarten school is the first step to the basic school.
It supports the family in the formation of the personality of the child, for which it puts like final goals the achievement of the independence, the development of the skills and the maturation of the identity, fundamental elements in the formation of the single.

In Monza there are 7 public kindergarten schools, an equal municipal and numerous equal private organized with the Council from which they receive an economical contribution useful to limit the boarding costs.

The equal municipal kindergarten school Pianeta Azzurro, in Via Ferrari 15, works from Monday to Friday form h8.00 to 16.15 offering even a post-school service, in the case there is a number of significant requests.
It hosts until a maximum of 168 children of age between 3 and 6 years, divided in 6 sections both homogeneous and heterogeneous distinguished for animal names.
They are received as always, on warning of the Settore Servizi Sociali and non, children in handicap situations for who the administration offers the support of professional educators who insert a specific schedule in the entire planning of the school.

It has an organization characterized by an opening and flexible atmosphere to guarantee the full pleasement of the needs of the single or of the group of users: so they are experimented, beyond the other normal section activities, interclass activities, laboratories and open groups.

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Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuols - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.

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