Enrollment Nursery 0-3

 In Monza there are 7 municipal nursery schools and numerous private nursery schools. 

The municipal nursery schools are addressed to the children whose parents live in Monza.

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The rules for the admission in municipal nursery schools are organized by a municipal procedure, that expect standards, tariffs and the operation of the service.
The registration happens through a classification formed every year based on some requests that need to reach the office “Asili Nido” within the 16th of May of every year.

Icona documento 'Formato PDF'Regolamento comunale (formato PDF - 61 KB)
Icona documento 'Formato PDF'Carta dei servizi (formato PDF - 7.600 KB)

The subjects of the documents are developing, in particular for tariffs.


Icona documento 'Formato PDF' Application (formato PDF - 103 KB)
Icona documento 'Formato PDF' Dichiarazione sostitutiva  Modello A (formato PDF - 102 KB)
Icona documento 'Formato PDF' Dichiarazione sostitutiva  Modello B (formato PDF - 86 KB)

It is possible to check online the schedules with  di Adobe Reader (download here Adobe reader).


The admission is based on a classification, published the 1st of June, that take in consideration the following qualifications:
1. Handicap certificated by competent sanitary authority,
2. Warning of “Servizio Sociale Comunale”,
3. Families with only one parent,
4. Two parents who work with the maximum number of children,
5. One parent who works with the maximum number of children,
6. Two parents who don’t work with the maximum number of children,

For equality of condition, the following standards are valid:

A. Rent of the residence house,
B. Loan of the first residence house,
C. The legal age of the child.


The “Asili Nido Comunali” are opened from Monday to Friday from h7.30 to 18.00.
The basic timetable for the permanence of the children is set from h9.00 to 15.30, but it is possible an anticipation or extension of the timetable, according to the working timetable of both parents.
The daily timetable of frequency will be arranged and subscribed with the “Coordinatrice del Nido”.
From 2009 it has also been introduced the possibility of a part-time frequency from h7.30 to 13.30.


With “ Delibera G.C. n. 288” of September the 11th 2015 the tariffs of “Asili Nido” for the scholastic year 2015/16 have been redefined.

To the ways of the “Regolamento del Servizio Asili Nido” (deliberation C.C. n. 25 of April the 7th 2003) the municipal administration considers annually the contributions of frequency that the families should give.

Costs 2015-2016 (formato PDF - 20 KB)


To facilitate the gradual setting-in period of the child, the integration happens with the presence of a parent or an important person for him/her.
Time and ways of the integration will be arranged between the family and the nursery school, which will identify the date of the integration in harmony with the organization of the service.


Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.  


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