Better be wary of those who offer funeral services in hospitals and choose calmly a firm confidence.
And 'advisable to delegate the procedures for conducting the funeral, if possible, to a family emotionally less involved or be accompanied by a friend.

Should prepare mentally or in writing a list of the main choices based on the type of case, obituary, flowers, place and type of burial, cremation and eventual availability of photographs and always request the prior written of each performance, comparing it to the lists displayed, if present.

To carry the coffins over long distances, including from and to foreign countries, you can also evaluate the car funeral alternatives such as the aircraft's use or preventive cremation. Transporting boxes of remains or urns can also be done with the car of the family.


Notification of death, may be submitted personally or through an Agency mortuary Office of Civil State, within 24 hours of death. It must present a medical certificate and PROVIDE the personal details of the deceased and the tax code.

In case of death at the house, you need to call your doctor to ascertain the causes of death and the drawing up of the certificate.
After getting carried the death Report, The Offices Officers warn your doctor necropsy That will visit the Place of death for ascertaining death.

If the death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, Sara The Health Department to provide for Certificates. The hospital (and soloist this Structures) transmit the documents directly to the office of Civil Status, while in other Cases The certification will have to be delivered by the relative or his delegate.

In cases of violent death, Sudden street or in Public Places, or people living exclusive, it MUST be advised of the Judiciary (by calling 112) What, AFTER The legal investigations, give Measure for the Removal of remains.

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