School bus

The City of Monza organizes the special service of school transport.

The routs develop in the territory near the leading schools and they are updated every year, after that the registrations are over.
New services are introduced only when 7 students make a request.


The request for the 2018/2019 school year is possible only online from 1 to 31 March 2018, even by those who have already registered for the school year 2016/2017.

This people can request the service:
- students who lives in Monza
- students who lives far 1,300 km from school (for primary school) and 2,000 km far from school ( for secondary school)
- students who should make a dangerous rout to arriva at school. In this case doesn’t metter the distance between the house and the school

The priority criteria for access to the service, in the presence of seats available on a half after the inclusion of pupils entitled, are as follows:
- Applicants and / or applicants who have siblings already enrolled in school year to school transport service. previous;
- In the presence of both parents employed, lower ISEE;
- In case of a tie, among the pupils involved will proceed, by drawing lots, the allocation of the available places

Special service outside basin School Ardigò
The special service organized for students outside the basin will remain active until the school year 2017/2018; students enrolled in the first year will be admitted to the service until completion of places available on the means and the annual rate of € 300,00

Special service outside basin School Zucchi
The special service for students from the San Rocco district will remain active until the school year 2017/2018; those students enrolled in the first year, will be admitted to the service until completion of places available on the vehicle and the annual fee of € 300,00


The tariff system provided for school bus service is organized as follows


Tariffa valore ISEE Pagamento Scadenza rata e importo
euro 50,00 ≤ € 11.011,00 Single instalment 

November:  euro 50,00

euro 170,00 ≥ € 11.011,00 ≤ € 25.000,00 Quarterly

November : euro 56,00
February : euro 56,00
May : euro 58,00

euro 215,00  ≥ € 25.000,00 ≤ € 40.000,00 Quarterly November : euro 71,00
February : euro 71,00
Maggio : euro 73,00

euro 250,00  ≥€ 40.000,00 or  no communication ISEE  Quarterly November : euro 83,00
February : euro 83,00
May : euro 84,00


From 7 January 2016 the payment system change.
The datasheets “Freccia” will be replaced by a payment system called “ricarica


La dichiarazione ISEE can be received online on the web site of INPS or to CAF;
Is no longer viable the programm of the online calculation of ISEE selfdetermination, drawn up municipality of Monza.

ISEE value is obtained with the declaration, that it must be communicated within 31 July 2016, through any of the following means:

- online including value, protocol number, date issuing of the declaration.
- Via fax (0393946961)
- Via email (

If the ISEE value is not communicate, will apply the maximum fare.

In case of difficulties, the workers of school service office will provide assistance.

ISEE Rules 


Vehicles, with driver, are proved by specialist companies and on special services are envisaged the supervision of qualified worker.

It will still be assessed the feasibility of preparing some routes with alternative forms to the school ( eg . Pedibus )

Disable student’s transport is ensured through equipped vehicles.

The parent must be present, personally or through trustworthy person, at the bus-stop to catch the soon.


Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.

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