Dote scuola

During Academic year 2015/2016 families who reside in Regione Lombardia can apply “Dote Scuola”, a little amount to help families paying for school.

For Public school it consists in:
• A grant to buy books and technological equipment

For IFP it consists in:

• A grant of attendance
• A grant for disability
• A grant to buy books and technological equipment

For Private schools it consists in:

• A grant for school ticket
• A grant for disability
• A grant to buy books and technological equipment


Can make questions the students that:

- lives in Lombardy
- have the economic condition requested

That attend, in 2015/2016.

- lower secondary school ( first, second and third class )
- higher secondary school (first and second class )


Applications shall be made directly on line, connecting to the site within May 30, 2016.
Extended deadline at 12.00 on 30 June 2016.

For Public school, residents in Monza they had difficulty in completing the application can forward the request through the Municipality (telephone appointment to the school's office services from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.) 

Read the circular :

 Elevation data (formato PDF - 37 KB)
 Municipal bulletin school dowry(formato PDF - 46 KB)

Or go to the site where it is available complete documentation with all the necessary information (requirements , procedures and timing) to submit the application.

Or call the call center for the Regione Lombardia: line 800 318 318 Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 18 p.m..

Thanks to the project "Alternating School - Job" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.


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