How To Pay

Getting a fine is always annoying, but to avoid other problems is better knowing the ways of paying sanctions, which depend even on the ways someone found out about the check on violation.

The sanctions of the traffic laws can be given with forewarn of violation (paper put on the windscreen) or with notified or contested verbal.

The payment of the sanction has to be carried out in 60 days from the notification of the verbal using:

  • Postal form of the postal current account n. 43733203
  • Online payment 
  • Treasurer’s municipal office for payment with cash
  • Bank transfer (only for special situations and upon agreement quote with the staff of the “ Sportello Procedimenti Sanzionari “ – tel. 03928161)

Within 60 days of the verbal complaint / notification.
Failure to pay within this term implies a doubling of the original penalty.
The additional non-payment determines the registration to the role with consequent issue of the tax notice.


You can take advantage of 30% discount if you pay the amount of the violation:

  • within 5 days following ascertainment of the notice or the dispute or notification of the minutes;
  • within 10 days in case of online payment of the notice of violation or notices of the minutes;

The amount of the penalty reduced by 30%, it is clearly shown by the agent at the time of the investigating complaint notified or indicated on the record.
The reduction of 30% can not be applied to service costs of the minutes , or will there be further additional sanction of confiscation of the vehicle or license suspension.

Timing and method of service

The check of violations is documented with the compilation of a forewarn, of a contestation verbal or of an eventual verbal for the application of the extra sanction.

The forewarn
It’s a written act (yellow paper) that fills in the local police officer when he checks a violation. It is released when it isn’t possible the instant contestation for the absence of the transgressor or the owner of the vehicle.
It isn’t obligatory the application on the windscreen of the vehicle.

The contestation verbal
It is directly released to who has committed an infraction and to others solidly responsible, if present in the moment of the check.
If the instant contestation to the transgressor or to the owner of the vehicle isn’t possible, the verbal is notified to the residence or the seat of the holder of the vehicle, in 90 days from the day of the violation.
The payment must be done in 60 days from the contestation or the same notification of the verbal.

With the notification of the minutes, the amount is increased by the assessment and notification fees (not subject to discount of 30%) What are entirely borne by the owner of the vehicle , as required by law .
The City of Monza resulted € 5.81 costs of the proceedings (5.09 € for violations of municipal regulations) , while the reporting and handling are Establish the postal authorities recommended judicial proceedings (currently € 6.60).


To pay or to appeal

If you believe to have been unfairly fined, it is possible to take position against it appealing. Obviously this appeal must be motivated with valid legal requirements (formal and/or real mistakes like unreal signs, mistaken data, categories having the right to exception, etc.).

The most common violations

Time and procedure of notification


Kind of sanction

Minimum sanction

Reduced sanctions
(if payed in 5 days)

Forbidden Stand



Stand in meter zone with expired parking disc



Stand in the sidewalk, crosswalk



Cross of the crossroad with red traffic light



Forbidden use of the phone



Missing use of the safety belt




New traffic laws articles 201 and 202.
Law 689/81 article 16
DL 69/2013

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