A passport is the document required to travel abroad outside the EC.
It has a 10-year validity and the waiting time for its issue depends on the number of applications being processed.
The passports issued before 2003, with a 5-year validity, can be renewed for a period not exceeding 10 years from the date of first issue. Citizens travelling to the USA need in any case a new document complying with US regulations. People under 18 must have a personal passport.
The passports with a digital photo released after 25 October 2005 shall be valid for the entry in the USA.


The passport is issued by police headquarters and, abroad, by the diplomatic and consular representations.
You can book online the date and time to submit your application and to have your fingerprints taken, so that you can skip long queues in the Police Headquarters.

Request online


You must provide:

• 2 recent photos with white background 4x4
• A € 73,50 telematic coupon, which can be purchased at tax-stamp sale points. On 24th June 2014 the fare increased because of the introduction of new regulations; if you have already bought the €40,29 coupon, the latter must be supplemented with another €33,21 coupon.
On 24th June 2014 the annual tax for the ordinary passport, which amounted to €40,29, was abolished. All existing passports will be valid until the expiry date for all destinations, including non-EC destinations, without paying the annual €40,29 tax.
• The receipt of payment of €42,50 for the passport. You must pay exclusively through postal order on the Post Account number n. 67422808 in the name of: Ministero dell'Economia e delle Finanze - Dipartimento del tesoro. The description is "importo per il rilascio del passaporto elettronico". You may use We advised you to use the pre-completed form available at the Post Office.
• If you need a new passport due to deterioration or expiry, you must return your old passport.

Request of passport if you are parent of minor children

If you’re parent of minor children, to ask for the passport it’s necessary the agreement of the other parent. No matter if married, cohabitants, separated, divorced or biological parents. The other parent has to sign the agreement in front of the Public Official (that authenticates the signature at the office where the documents are presented.
In lack of the agreement you must have the nulla hosta of the judge supervising cases concerning guardianship. If the other parent is unable to show up to sign the declaration of agreement, the applicant of the passport has to attach a copy of the document of the absent parent signed in its original form with a declaration written of the agreement of the expatriation signed in its original form (ai sensi del DPR 445 del 2000 legge Bassanini).
This procedure is extended to all the EU citizens. This is all provided by the law for the protection of the minors.
The amounts to be paid for the release of the passport for a minor (bulletin C/C and telematics stamp) are the same of adults.

declaration for minor child


In case of duplicate for theft or loss it is necessary to attach a copy of the complaint presented at the police.
At the expiry date of validity, reported inside the document,it can’t be renewed but you have to ask for a new passport.

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