Electronic Identity Card

carta_id_elett With the aim of achieving innovation, the municipality of Monza introduced Electronic ID card, an instrument to simplify the administrative action.

However, the citizen can request the paper ID card.

The Electronic ID card is like a smart card and includes:
- Photograph
- Personal Data
- Birth certificate
- Signature
- Fingerprint
- Fiscal code

Those information are stored on a microchip and on a magnetic tape , to allow the control of identity and guarantee the inalterability of personal information.
The citizen will receive three secret personal codes in order to ensure a personal use of ID card.


For receive the ID card is essential:
- Shall be resident in Monza
- To present themselves to municipal registry office
- Shall be in possession of out of date or updated paper ID card with expiry stamp
- Shall be in possession of one common fiscal code valid for registry office of Monza, Revenue Agency and system of National population index
It is no longer necessary to file photos, because they will be take with a specific instrument by workers in the sector.

The workers will take fingerprints from citizen who will give their consent.


If the applicant is minor, he should go to the appointment with both his parents or his tutor, with a valid personal document.


Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.

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