In Monza there is a radio taxi service on 24 hours

You can taxies in Piazza Carducci, Monza station (via Arosio) and near Ospedale Nuovo (in via Monsignore Baraggia) and near Villa Reale (next to Hotel de la Ville)

The telephone number is 039 36379

You can also call the station : 039 384699

From 1st april 2016 there are the following rates:

Maximum airport ratescharges (excluding any motorway tolls round trip, for direct routes to your destination without detours ,
no later than the time of reservation / call and tirelessly during the performance of the service ):

  • to Linate airport 45,00 €
  • to Malpensa airport 100,00 €
  • to orio al serio (Bergamo) airport 75,00 €

Maximum rates for weekday daytime defined paths:

  • Fom station to ospedale San Gerardo a/r € 11,00 €
  • From station to Villa reale a/r 9,00 €
  • Initial release from monday to saturday 3,50 €
  • holiday 5,50 €
  • night (from h 21 .oo to h 6.00) 6,00 €

Cost per kilometer

  • urban 1,00 € 
  • extraurban 1,80 €
  • hourly waiting fee 31 € (ora intera)
  • minimum stroke ( including snap at the start) 6,00 €


Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.






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