Monza-Milano lines

Monza is connected to Milan thanks to buses lines and to a convenient and fast rail service.

To Milan by Train

During rush hour traffic, the trains that connect Monza with Milan provide a frequency of one train every 10 minutes and they all reach the train stations of Porta Garibaldi, Centrale, Greco Pirelli, Lambrate, Romolo, Porta Romana e San Cristoforo.

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Bus area Monza-Milan

Brianza Transports Lines also runs the lines to Sesto S.G. and Milan, previously belonging to ATM.

The ways are the same, the only change is the numbering of the lines.

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Subway Line 1 to Sesto San Giovanni

Lines Description News and informations
z218 Monza (Ospedale S. Gerardo) - Muggiò - Cinisello B. - Sesto S.G. (M1-FS) 
Monza (Ospedale San Gerardo) > Cinisello Balsamo (Ospedale Bassini) - Muggiò > Sesto San Giovanni
From Sept. the 9th 2013 abolished
z221 Mariano C. (FNM)-Giussano-Carate B.-Monza-Sesto S. G. (M1-FS)
Mariano Comense > Giussano > Verano Brianza > Carate Brianza > Albiate > Sovico > Macherio > Biassono > Vedano al Lambro > Monza > Sesto San Giovanni

Time: Working Days ->one bus every 5 minutes during rush hour  in the morning.
Every 10 minutes during rush hour in the afternoon/evening.
Every day  a night service runs from 9:45 pm to 12:45 pm every 30 minutes.

z222 Monza FS - S. Fruttuoso - Sesto S. G. (M1-FS)
Monza > Cinisello Balsamo > Sesto San Giovanni
From 16th Nov. 2009 there is an extension to Cinisello Istituti Gorki/Tramvia 31 during the working days
z225 Nova - Sesto S. G. (M1-FS)
Nova Milanese > Cinisello Balsamo > Sesto San Giovanni
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z227 Lissone (FS) Muggiò - Cinisello B. (T31) - Sesto S. G. (M1-FS)
Lissone > Muggiò > Cinisello Balsamo > Sesto San Giovanni

From Sept. The 9th 2013 the line has been extended from Muggiò Station (FS) to the new Lissone Hospital San Gerardo, towards the abandoned line z218:Lissone via Matteotti, via Cappuccina, via Trieste; Monza via Boito, via Pergolesi.

Frequency: 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday- 45 minutes on free days

z229 Palazzolo (FNM) - Paderno D. - Cinisello B. - Sesto S.G. (M1-FS)
Paderno Dugnano > Cusano Milanino > Cinisello Balsamo > Sesto San Giovanni

From Sept. the 9th 2013 the rail service is limited to the school time frame and to the way from Paderno Dugnano Istituti Gadda, Cusano Milanino to Cinisello Balsamo via Musu (intersects with tramway 31).

In the abolished way between  Cinisello Balsamo and Sesto San Giovanni FS/M1 using transport line runed by ATM.


Thanks to the project "Alternanza scuola - lavoro" - classes IV A, IV B , IV C of the Language High School Mosè Bianchi - Monza.

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